Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody!! I still remember when I’m 18 years old thinking what I’ll be doing in the year 2020.. lots of things has happen since then, from moving and graduating in Australia, having a family and having knowledge and experience that I can only dream off..

I am thankful for what my great Lord has provided for me…  lovely family, a roof over our head, great food and water, work and life experience that anybody would wish for.

Thank you!


Maybe we need to rethink about black hole

I went for a walk the other day and saw this photo.

There are rubbish stuck in the corner and its not moving anywhere. That corner is a dead zone for fast moving air. That got me thinking, is this the same with black holes? You see scientist on documentary kept on saying black hole is a point of no return where you can infinite density that “sucks” material in and they either compress into an infinitely small point or it created a wormhole into other universe. What about its neither?

My thinking is rather than creating silly ideas that cannot get explained by mathematics e.g. 1/0, there is an easier explanation for this.

Let me put it this way, according to Einstein, energy is equal mass, e.g. E = (m-m0)c2, and vice versa, now what if.. material and energy that falls into a black holes are not compressed into an infinite point but changed back into energy and radiated outward like what pulsars do? Astronomers from earth may detect this as high intensity gamma ray burst (GRB).

What I’m trying to say is, black holes may not be so black at all, we might not be able to detect GRB but its there and stop making silly sciences just to explain what you cannot see. It may be easier than it seems.